A media show-off to encourage Zelensky


The Iran newspaper says Biden’s unexpected visit to Kyiv, under the tight security arrangement, was noticed by the world media.

The trip, which took place after the Munich Security Conference, shows that the U.S., as the chief commander of the war in Ukraine, is trying to continue the war. But Washington believes that, in addition to logistical aspects, it will also expand the war geographically, and that is why Biden visited Poland.

Biden promises to stand by Ukraine until the end. Therefore, it will send advanced weapons to Ukraine. The interests of Ukraine are not important to Washington, and what has forced Biden to travel and support Ukraine today is that the interests of the United States and NATO have been endangered. But the promise of sending advanced equipment to Ukraine has not yet been fulfilled, and it seems that such promises are more to expand the war and strengthen the spirit of Ukrainians.

Arman-e Melli: Grossi’s trip; hope for negotiations

The IAEA Director General will travel to Tehran but there are doubts about the result of his trip. But if the Americans want the trip to bear results that lead to negotiations, it will also satisfy the Europeans, Arman-e Melli writes.

Therefore, we have to look at the conditions that the Americans had set for the dialogue and the start of negotiations which have probably been delivered to Tehran by the Foreign Minister of Qatar a few weeks ago.

Have we now reached a stage where we can hope for negotiations or not? Of course, we see small signs. For example, the softening of the harsh tone of the Europeans, especially Germany, against Iran in the last few months.

On the other hand, Western news agencies report that the stockpile of Russian drones, which are made mostly in Iran, has been emptied.

These provide the ground for Mr. Grossi to draw conclusions during his trip to Tehran. Of course, there is still no certainty that the Westerners have reached an agreement. Some of their demands, such as the release of political prisoners in Iran or the halting of executions, have been met. Although these measures are still not satisfactory for Europe, they are still positive steps. Therefore, according to the prevailing conditions in the U.S. and Russia, Grossi’s visit to Tehran can be more hopeful.

Aftab Yazd: Chinese houses for Iranians

Aftab Yazd writes: It is a significant issue for a country like China to take advantage of an economic opportunity.

The first thing about the construction of housing in Iran by the Chinese is that this country will benefit as usual.

Since China will bring its own materials and workforce to Iran and the cooperation is mainly in the construction, design, technical, and engineering services, therefore it cannot be monitored by the countries that have sanctioned Iran.

At the same time, we should bear in mind that many people believe that house construction is one of election promises and should be followed. Not only we have not turned home construction into an opportunity for Iranian companies, but we have created an opportunity for a foreign country.

The government is forced to do this in line with its promises, but this is not very crucial for strengthening diplomacy between the two countries because China has such opportunities in other countries as well.

However, the interests of the Chinese in this cooperation are greater, but its benefit for Iran is, nothing else, but the realization of election promises.

Sharq: Changing the nature of Iran’s nuclear case

Sharq says after claim of 84% enrichment in an Iranian nuclear facility, analysts are of the opinion that if the current condition continues, the possibility of anti-Iran scenarios is very high as the IAEA Board of Governors will hold its seasonal meeting on March 6. Although Iran’s nuclear chief and nuclear spokesman as well as the foreign minister have given detailed explanations in this regard, Javad Torabi, a political analyst, tells the Sharq newspaper that the explanations about Iran’s nuclear activities can be positive in itself, but, to me, it is not very effective.

He says: The status of the file in the IAEA has changed from a “technical and legal” one to “political and security” and this is a deliberate project to put pressure on Tehran along with the issue of the war in Ukraine and human rights.

Etemad: Violation of commitment that may take Israel to Security Council

Etemad writes: Last week, the Palestinian Authority (PA) under U.S. pressure gave up complaint against Israel at the Security Council.

PA was seeking to complain about Tel Aviv’s new decisions for new settlement in the West Bank, but the recent bloody attack on Nablus appears to have changed the situation. In this attack, which was one of the deadliest Israeli attacks in the West Bank since the second intifada, 11 people were martyred and at least 80 were injured.

The Palestinian Authority, with the cooperation of the Arab countries, intended to submit a resolution to the Security Council regarding the new decisions of the Israeli regime to recognize 9 illegal Jewish settlements and permit the construction of 10,000 new residential units in the West Bank.

Last week, the media reported that with the pressure of the U.S., PA was convinced to delay sending the draft of the resolution to the Council at least after Ramadan. But after the Wednesday attack on Nablus, the Palestinians may change their mind so they may act in the UN.

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