Serial Dadzan Part 9

Watch Dadzan Ghesmate 9 (سریال دادزن قسمت نهم) narrates a comedy story and deals with the life of a young man who is searching for success in his life and chose several jobs and left each one because it was not to his liking, until he found a new job. It arrives and it is nothing but prosecution!!! After entering this job, he enters into new challenges and problems in his life, and in fact, the story of the prosecutor is taken from the heart of the society and is against the wave of promotion of aristocracy. Siamak Khajevand has preferred to give the leading role of his new series to a well-known and marginal actor, and Behrang Alavi plays the leading role in this series. Beside Bahrang Alavi, other actors such as Nasreen Maqalo, Alireza Khamse, Amir Karbalaizadeh, Nafiseh Roshan, Khatire Hatami, Reza Fayazi, Aliram Nouraei, Mohammad Reza Derabi, Maryam Qajar, Behnoosh Bakhtiari will also play roles.

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