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Serial Daftar Yadasht Part 3

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Serial Daftar Yadasht

“Daftar Yadasht Part 3” (سریال دفتر یادداشت قسمت سوم) is an Iranian home show series, produced in the year 1402 of the Persian calendar (2023/2024 in the Gregorian calendar), and falls under the comedy and family genres. Directed by Kiaresh Asadizadeh and produced by Hossein Akbari, the series is indicative of the continuing richness and diversity in Iranian television content, especially in the realm of home entertainment.

The series features a prominent cast, including well-known actors such as Reza Attaran, Hassan Majouni, Naimeh Nizamdoost, Hossein Soleimani, Rima Raminfar, Siamak Ansari, Mina Sadati, Sogol Khaliq, and Kazem Siyahi. These actors bring a blend of comedic and dramatic talents to the series, promising engaging performances and character dynamics.

The plot of “Daftar Yadasht” centers around a fraudulent doctor who devises a scheme to extort money from nurses. The doctor establishes relationships with various hospital nurses under different pretexts, leading to a competition among the nurses as they vie for the doctor’s attention. This setup suggests a narrative that is both humorous and reflective of broader social themes, potentially exploring issues of deception, professional ethics, and interpersonal dynamics in a hospital setting.

Given its comedic angle combined with elements of family drama, “Daftar Yadasht Part 3” is likely to offer viewers a mix of laughter, intrigue, and perhaps a critical look at certain societal behaviors. The series seems poised to be an entertaining and thought-provoking addition to the Iranian home show repertoire.

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