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Serial Mordab Part 9

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Serial Mordab

“Mordab 9” (سریال مرداب قسمت نهم) is a notable entry in the landscape of Iranian television series, released in the summer of 2023. Directed by Barzo Niknejad, the series stands out for its mystery and drama genre, promising a compelling and intriguing narrative.

The production of “Mordab” is overseen by Mohammad Shaiste, a producer with a commendable history in the realm of serial production. The series boasts a diverse and talented cast, including Shahram Chakhyat Dost, Panthea Panahiha, Hamed Kamili, Mojtabi Pirzadeh, Elham Akhwan, Setare Pasiani, Yesna Mirtahmasab, Elika Naseri, Mahmoud Nazaralian, Arash Zalipour, Safar Mohammadi, and Majid Pataki. Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of Amir Jafari in the role of “Shakib,” alongside the artist Mehdi Hashemi, adding depth and expertise to the cast.

“Mordab” is based on the screenplay “Love without a Sermon,” co-authored by Afshin Sadeghi and Pedram Afshar. However, the screenplay underwent a rewriting process by Nima Iglima, which likely added new dimensions and perspectives to the original narrative.

The series’ focus on mystery and drama, combined with its strong production team and cast, makes it an appealing choice for viewers interested in Iranian television dramas that explore complex themes and character dynamics.

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