Serial New Camp Part 1 Episode 1

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The New Camp comedy series (سریال نیوکمپ قسمت اول) is the latest work of Manouchehr Hadi, produced by Zainab Taqvai, tells the story of the Sarcheshme family in search of their small dreams, when a big dream hits their home.

Serial new camp part 1 episode 1

The cast list of the New Camp series is a combination of actors who have and have not had the experience of acting in a comedy; Bahare Afshari, Hamed Anghi, Laden Jafavand, Iman Safa, Giti Ghasemi, Hassan Majuni, Behshad Sharifian, Saeed Nemati, Safar Kashkouli. New Camp series is produced by Zainab Taqvai.

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