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Serial Sarzamine Madari Part 17

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Serial Sarzamine Madari 16

ireza Talebzadeh, the series offers a unique blend of personal narrative and historical context. It focuses on the political events in Iran spanning from 1320 to the revolution of 1357 (1941 to 1979 in the Gregorian calendar), a period marked by significant transformations in the country.

Serial Sarzamine Madari Part 17

The story centers on the life of a teenage boy named Rehi, portrayed by Ali Shadman. Rehi’s journey begins with a harrowing experience where he is rescued from the rubble following the bombing of his village by allied forces. After a brief period of recuperation under his mother’s care, he embarks on a journey to Tehran.

As Rehi grows up, his life takes several turns. Initially part of a mass family, circumstances lead him to be taken in by a court family. It is within this new environment that Rehi starts to understand his identity. However, his story doesn’t end there. He is later entrusted to a religious family, further shaping his journey and personal growth.

“Sarzamine Madari” explores Rehi’s adventures and the lives of those around him, weaving a narrative that reflects the complexities and changes in Iranian society during a crucial era. This series is not just a tale of personal discovery but also a reflection of the broader socio-political landscape of Iran during a time of significant historical events.

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