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Sohrab MJ & Roohnikan – Level Up

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Sohrab MJ, born Sohrab Mostavafi on November 10, 1985, in Tehran, Iran, is a prominent Iranian rapper and hip-hop artist. He is well-known as a member of the influential Persian rap group Zedbazi, which he co-founded, and has been instrumental in shaping the Persian rap genre. Sohrab MJ has released several albums, both solo and with Zedbazi, including “Zakhar Nameh” (2012), “Yeksin” (2017), “Zakhar Asli” (2020), and “Sold Out” (2022).

Throughout his career, Sohrab MJ has collaborated with various artists and released numerous singles. Some of his notable works include “Mysterious Eyes” (2011), “Tehran Malesh” (2012), “Haram” (2015), “Vitamin 30” (2016), “Tah Khatt” (2018), “Pablo” (2019), “Yakh” (2020), “Habil” (2021), “Chaghi To Chi” (2022), and “Beriya” (2023). His music often reflects social and personal themes, resonating with a broad audience in Iran and the Persian-speaking world​​​​​​​​​

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